Nicole Bakti


How to care and store it important part of maintaining the original look and feel of your piece.


STORING: Care must be taken to with this couture garment to sustain its original quality. Hang your NICOLE BAKTI items in a soft garment bag away from direct sunlight and in a cool dry environment. Jewellery, sharp objects and rough surface could damage the delicate fabric used in this garment or cause pilling.

CLEANING: Ensure your couture garment is cleaned by a professional dry cleaner. Please refer to your care label inside the garment. 


STORING: Store your product in a dust bag provided and out of sunlight when not in use. Carefully wrap your  hardware and chain before storing inside your bag. Hardware stored in direct contact with leather or embellishments may cause indentations or marks on the bag. To maintain the shape of your bag fill with acid-free tissue paper when not in use. 
We advise not using chemicals and atmospheric agents which can cause permanent and irreversible damage to this product. Jewellery, sharp objects and rough surface could damage the leather or embellishment or suede lining of the bag. To preserve the shape of your piece, do not overfill it. 

CLEANING: Seek professional advice from a bag specialist/spa